Hot Rolling Features of Aluminum Sheet China

Jun. 05, 2018

There are 3 sorts of approaches for China Aluminum Sheet hot rolling if categorized by manufacturing scale: single-stand, double-stand and half constant hot rollings.

Together with single-stand sexy rolling all comparative processes, from cogging to warm rolling, are completed in 1 stand. Performance could be improved by means of large ingot and inverse mill. Four large driven mill can help to expand width and enhance form of sheets. The drawback of single-stand hot rolling is dissatisfying quality and efficacy due to rapid fall of sheet thickness, big sheet thickness and comparatively light sheet weight. Double-stand hot rolling is made up of reverse mill plus a four large reverse pushed mill. The initial mill deals with cogging and demanding rolling, and then the plates have been moved to the next mill for exact rolling. This manner, demanding rolling and exact rolling are treated individually, which enhances quality in addition to efficiency. The thickness of Aluminum Sheets could be decreased to 2mm. The ingot goes through every mill for just 1 time. Compared with the 2 methods over, half constant hot rolling has benefits of large manufacturing scale, brief gap period, higher sheet temperature and exceptional sheet quality. We also can supply Aluminum Strip for Stamping and other aluminum production, welcome to contact us. 

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