What Exactly Are Tips for Aluminum Circle Packing?

May. 29, 2018

Aluminum Circle packaging turns out to be essential because improper packaging may lead to harm, deformation or oxidation of aluminum bands. Then what exactly are cautions for packaging of Aluminum Circle for Kettle?

First, tic-tac-toe frame is generally chosen for aluminum disc packaging. The framework consists of four wooden bars, two mended above and the other two below. The top bars must be produced into arches and fixed by means of bolts. The height of reduced bars need to meet prerequisites for forklift. These pubs are also fastened with bolts, which should be under the top arches so that packaged circles won't be damaged. Secondly, it's required to wrap aluminum bands with a layer of cloth with medium property or weak acid prior to placing packaging sheet to the fabric. Connecting components must be fixed with packaging tapes. Third, wrap heaps of drying and circles agents with plastic cloth which needs to be sealed with packaging tapes. All of possible openings must be sealed. Fourth, put packed Aluminum Circles China into the tic-tac-toe framework which is to be secured again by metal ropes. Then stick a box label onto each stack. The label should display weight load, packaging cost, delivery techniques, unpacking manners and other necessary warnings.

Aluminum Circle for Kettle