• Huadong Aluminum is a professional Aluminum product manufacturer developed from Zhangjiagang Aluminum Plant, which was founded in 1981. The products of Huadong Aluminum are including Aluminum circle, Aluminum slug, Aluminum sheet, Aluminum strip ,Rivet, cookware handles which is always required by our customers ,then I am following to ship with our goods together.We have more than 35 years experience in domestic and oversea .Now we have more than 350 workers and 100 sets of equipments,we are always have about 500 tons raw materials in stock to keep the delivery day . Our Aluminum products are made completely complying with GB/T3880-2012 and GBT 3098.19-2004 standards
  • Huadong Aluminum is located in Zhangjiagang, which near zhangjiagang and shanghai port ,in this ways we can save more transportantion cost,it has added to Huadong Aluminum's competitiveness.
  • In Huadong Aluminum, all of the products are developed and produced independently. We mainly offer Aluminum circle, Aluminum slug, and aluminium rivet, among which the Aluminum circle with good tensile property is the most popular one and is widely applied in kitchen cookware, household appliances, and traffic sign boards. Another flag product, Aluminum slug, available in various shapes, feature excellent high tensile strength and is used for packaging, electronics, medicine, food, and automotive industries, etc. For our newly-developed aluminium rivet, we provide customization service basing on clients' drawings. It is always used in aluminium cookware .
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