The Rigid Heat Treatment of Solid Rivet

Dec. 01, 2017

Normalizing is a heat treatment method of heating the Solid Rivet above the critical temperature, making the steel all transformed into uniform austenite and then cooling naturally in the air. It can eliminate the net cementite of hypereutectoid steel. Improve the comprehensive mechanical property. 

Tempering is make the hardened steel reheated to a certain temperature, then cooling, this called tempering. The aim is to eliminate the internal stress produced by the quenching, reduce the hardness and brittleness, so as to obtain the expected mechanical property. Quenching can increase the strength and hardness of steel, but reduce its plasticity. 

The function of Rivet in China is very important, under normal operation, the function and role of solid rivet can be applied to the extreme, and reflect the whole integrity and quality.

Solid Rivet