Why Blind Rivet Is Harder Than Ordinary Nail?

Nov. 27, 2017

China Rivet is not the same with other metal parts, mails, other metal parts can be used directly, rivets special characteristics, it requires the use of riveter to work, so the stability of rivet is better.

Blind Rivet is professional mail shaped object, there are many types and models, however, is basically a cap head, like the top of a big hat like. The blind rivet is belong to the nail class, but its role is different, the blind rivets than other nails have characteristics, they specially overcome the riveting in difficult to nail place. 

The quality of the blind rivet decides its specialized feature, it can be riveted easily, especially in narrow spaces, or between the gaps between several links. The effect of rivet is very important, under the normal use, its function can be reached to the utmost, so as to reflect the overall solidity and quality.

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