What Is the Characteristics and Application of Lantern Type Blind Rivet

Nov. 13, 2017

Lantern Rivet is a kind of special process through the processing of special Blind Rivet, follows are its characteristics:

1.Maximum support: the lantern rivet form 3 large folding angles and distribute in a larger area, which disperses the load on the riveting surface. This feature makes it possible for rivets to be used on friable or softer materials.

2.It can replace the rivet bottom pad characteristics, the riveted area is enlarged and the riveted load is dispersed.

3.Multi riveting range: the multi riveted property enables a standard China Rivet to rivet various thickness materials and reduces the type of rivet specification.

4.All aluminum structure determines the corrosion resistance of the lantern rivet.

5.Nail core is firm, it is not easy to fall off during use.

It can mainly used in cars, such as plastic dashboard, car accessories. 

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