What Is the Reason of Open End Blind Rivet Fracture?

Nov. 17, 2017

1.The rivet core is pulled out from the Open End Blind Rivetbody, the fracture of the core is not broken, the cavity is remained in the riveted body after riveting. The reason is the pulling force is too large, the diameter of the nail core cap is smaller, the material of the rivet body is soft, the surface of the rivet body is too lubricated.

2.After pulling riveting, the burr of the broken core of the rivet passes through the rivet body hole, the cause is the diameter of the nail core cap is smaller, the material is soft, the drilling diameter of the workpiece is too large, the specification of the rivet gun is too large, the distance between the bolt core and the nail head is too large, more than the actual rivet thickness.

3.After riveting, the nail head can not be wrapped off from the riveting body, the reason is the diameter is too large, the rivet body is short, and it does not match the riveting thickness.

4.The China Rivet has longitudinal crack or completely split, the reason is the hardness is too high after annealing, the harmful impurity content of the riveting material is too high, or there is interlayer.

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