Hollow Rivet Bases on Semi Tubular Rivet

Aug. 25, 2017

The Hollow Rivet is sunk to the head on the base of the Semi Tubular Rivet, and it is used for the riveting of the nonmetallic material with little load because of its light weight and weak nail head. The use of hollow rivets, hollow rivets are usually used for clothing, footwear and other industries, solid need again for riveting, heavy piece connection, often has no detachable structure, semi tubular rivet is most widely used, the beam port (diameter smaller tail) nail manufacturing using hard wire, can not be pre hole penetration thickness of 0.5mm in steel the bending deformation of rivet, not widely used in the password box, suitcases and bags on the military, hollow nails (rivets) using cord manufacturing, general requirements can not open riveting cracking.