Application of China Rivet in Life

Jan. 10, 2018

China Rivet has many kinds of type and material, which can roughly divided into Open End Blind Rivet, hollow rivets, flat head rivet, solid rivet, grooved type blind rivet and so on. Material is divided into aluminum, iron, copper and stainless steel. The earliest rivets were linked with some tools in daily life by bone rivet, slowly metal tools appeared. People began to create the first metal rivets to connect some metals and other tools.

Rivets are important in people’s daily life. Now the aviation manufacturing industry, shipbuilding industry, electronic industry all use it. The quality of fasteners directly affects the development of a product and is closely related to our daily life. Blind rivets fastener has such a large market, although it is small, its quality and reliability play important role in working performance and structural safety of the mainframe. 

Hollow Rivet