How Aluminum Circle Is Made?

Mar. 13, 2018

Aluminum alloy sheet is about one-third weight of steel, which makes it an ideal candidate for aerospace products. It has good dent resistance, rust-proof and fully recyclable characteristics.

In hot rolling process, cold rolling state reduces aluminum thickness that customers required. The Aluminum Coil pass through a press machine to shear off the circle in the needed diameter. Finally place the Aluminum Circles in an oven for annealing process. This gives the metal right mechanical property, then obtain the desired pan or pot. 

The deep drawing aluminum circles are flat and separated perfectly. They are suitable for automated supply systems for the production lines. They do not slow down the line and do not need manual separation. Aluminum Disc is easy to process, it has strong decorative and relative moderate hardness. After continuous high speed stamping, it can process into finished products. 

Reducing the production cost and shorten production cycle. 

Aluminum Circle