How To Clean Stubborn Dirt of Cookware?

Oct. 09, 2017

1.Clean food left after cooking and crust and bonding. First soak the pot in warm soapy water for several hours, then use a harder clean ball or cleaning block to clean the Cookware Handle. Do not use wire balls, which is easy to cause scratches on the surface of cookware handle.

2.If your stainless steel cookware has traces of fire, maybe you can remove it with soda. Make sure the cooker is completely dry and then sprinkle a little soda on the surface. Wipe the surface of the cooker with a piece of dry cloth or sponge. 

3.Remove water stains from stainless steel cooking utensils. The water stains are actually traces of the minerals in the water, it is not the water itself that leaves. If you dry it after washing it, there will be no water stains. If there have, you can wipe the stainless steel pan with a little soda. 

4.Remove severe burns by boiling. 

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