Aluminum Strip Description in Various Application

Mar. 27, 2018

Aluminum Rivet is widely utilized in construction profiles, irrigation pipe, for vehicles, cradles, furniture, lifts, fences and other tubes, sticks , Profile 6063 Aluminum Strip is normally used for construction profiles.

6061 aluminum metal is the primary alloying components of chromium and nickel, chiefly in the form of aluminum, commonly aluminum sheet 6061 T6, T4 along with other nations, 6061 aluminum hardness of 95 or longer, are widely utilized in mechanical processing business, the production may add a little bit of aluminum or zinc, so as to enhance the potency of the metal without appreciably reducing its corrosion resistance; conductive substances also have a little bit of aluminum to cancel the negative effect of iron and titanium onto the conductivity; To be able to increase machinability, may be additional lead and bismut. 6061 demands a certain level of strength, weldability, higher corrosion resistance of industrial constructions.

Aluminum Strip