Application Market of Aluminum Strip

Sep. 07, 2017

The capacity of Aluminum Strip material will continue to grow in the Asia Pacific region in the next few years.

Its big application market: cable. Aluminum cables are often used in power transmission and distribution fields. For the moment, aluminum strips are mainly used in low-voltage electrical fields.

The second application market: mechanical applications. Aluminum strip is usually used in various mechanical applications. Because the aluminum is anti-corrosion, the maintenance cost is low, it can be used for different types of barriers, chain link fence.

The third major applications market: deoxidizing material. Low volume is usually associated with semi finished steel, high volume is finished steel, and need more aluminum material. According to forecasts, by 2019, the steel industry’s annual compound growth rate is about 2.33%, which means that the same period, the market demand for aluminum strip will also be steady growth.

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