How To Use Rivet Gun?

Nov. 03, 2017

1.Before starting the work, inject a small amount of lubricating oil from the intake nozzle to ensure the working performance and working life of the rivet gun.

2.Maintain the required intake pressure.

3.Press the button after pressing the Aluminum Rivet on the top of the punch. Otherwise the piston creates a reciprocating motion, which consumes part of the energy, the piston hits the shell, causing the rivet gun to be damaged.

4.Connect the punch and gun body firmly by protective spring, avoid punch fly and damage product.

5.Adjustable size using compressed air to ensure the smooth working of button. 

6.The tail of punch can be set according to the different rivet gun model, it should not string, avoid damage machine parts, reduce efficiency.

7.You should not be free to fight air gun in use, to avoid mechanical damage.

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Aluminum Rivet