Characteristics and Properties of Aluminum Profiles After Various Surface Treatment

Apr. 10, 2018

Matte-fabric Aluminum Circle: avoid the disadvantages of the bright aluminum alloy profiles in architectural decoration, which can cause light interference under the conditions. Its surface is as delicate and soft as brocade and it is popular with the market. However, the existing matte material must overcome the non-uniformity of the surface sand grains and lack of mold pattern.

Multi-tone surface treatment Aluminum Disc: new stainless steel and colorful can make the decorative effect icing on the cake. These aluminum profiles must be chemically or mechanically polished and then re-oxidized for good results. 

Powder electrostatic spraying aluminum profiles are characterized by their excellent resistance to corrosion, the acid and alkali resistant salt sprays are much better than oxidation colored profiles. 

Aluminum Circle