Deep Drawing of Aluminium Circle for Cookware

Apr. 20, 2018

China Aluminum Circle is broadly utilized in making Aluminum Cookware, as aluminum sauce pan, pizza pan , utensils, electric appliances, LED lighting shell, traffic hint.

Stress cooker circle isn't simple oxidation.Standard depth of oxide film (3 microns) of anodic alumina within an indoor usage can attain long-term tenderness, no rust, no oxidation, no rust. Thick oxide film (10 microns) of anodic aluminum oxide employed in outside, also can ensure long-term exposing to sunlight light discoloration.

Ire avoidance performance of Aluminum Disc is strong. Pure alloy goods, surface paint, along with other chemical compounds, no 600 levels high temperature doesn't burnoff, also won't create poisonous gas, together with environmental and fire protection requirements.

Deep drawing aluminum circle with powerful dirt resistance. Won't leave handprints, there wouldn't be any marks or stains, clean and easy, isn't likely to occur in precisely the exact same time rust mottled.

Aluminum circle plate for Kitchenware, cookware with powerful applicability, broad usage, can be found at several points in your own life.

Aluminum Cookware