Application of Semi Tubular Rivet and Hollow Rivets

Jul. 24, 2017

Hollow Rivets are usually used for clothing, footwear and other industries, solid need again for riveting, heavy piece connection, often not detachable structure, Semi Tubular Rivets are most widely used, the beam port (diameter smaller tail) nail manufacturing using hard wire, can not be pre hole penetrating the thickness of 0.5mm in steel, the bending deformation of rivet cannot realize. They are widely used in the password box, suitcases and bags on the military, hollow nails (rivets) using cord manufacturing, general requirements for riveting after failure, there are many types of toys, now some above axis has started large-scale use of semi hollow nail or compression screw replacement, can significantly reduce the production cost. Core pulling and core riveting are mostly used for the riveting of thinner soft materials. Generally speaking, they are not strict, and the materials used for manufacturing are usually made of better plastic materials.

Hollow Rivets