Prospect of Aluminum Products Industry

Jul. 15, 2017

Since the reform and opening up, China Aluminum Product industry has achieved rapid development, and China has become the world aluminum industry country, formed a relatively complete industrial system development as a whole from bauxite, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum processing.

In 2006, China's aluminum industry from 2005 to the entire industry losses rapidly turned to the industry, profits of 32 billion 400 million yuan, profits and taxes about 50000000000 yuan. Soderberg electrolytic aluminum production capacity backward was eliminated in 2006, 12 million tons of electrolytic aluminum production capacity of 160kA and above capacity accounted for 83%, has eliminated all Soderberg backward production capacity, production capacity of small prebaked cell transformation.

It is an opportunity for Aluminum Product Supplier.

Aluminum Product